The Finale Family

Alex Herr
3 min readApr 20, 2022

oh, too soon. Let’s bring it all together.

Our final project starts here.

I think to bring this up to speed, I am going to keep working on my restaurant. I think there’s just so much that I can do with this and the patterns are flowing.

This is getting my creative juices back, it seems.

….did I ever really lose it?

Well, guess what? I decided to straight-up not do a continuance on Reinstoff. I have the whole thing fully branded at this point, with stationery and so much more. Instead I’m going to work with the future here. Boom.


Using one of our final projects to create a business card, letterhead, and style guide. I am choosing to use the Anchorage Olympic bid.

Brand Information:

Name: Anchorage Olympic Bid

Tagline: Aurora Rising, Ad Astra

Address: 4665 E Main Street, Anchorage, Alaska


Social Media: @anchorage2034, @olympics2034, #aurorarising, #olympics34

Ok, coool and all, but I kinda hate the colors. Too… expected. We need electricity here—I want energy and something memorable.

Like I said, electricity. I think I want to remove the aspect of the nature and really just go for what I can do to make this have some fun.


BAM! Already made spots and PANTONES.
See? I told you!

Official Logo

Alt Marks

Because of the universality of the brand, I require many different alt marks. Because of the blending shape forms, I also wanted that incorporated as well.

Business Card Thumbnails


Type Exploration

3 Questions

  1. Should I change my color palette for the logo? Is this color palette more effective?
  2. When doing my business cards, should I look into unique styles?
  3. Should I use my alt marks for the business card?


With my letterhead, I wanted to make sure that it didn’t overpower the design I plan to use. There’s something official about a space being utilized simple and clean, you know?


This business card will make much more sense when you look at the brand guidelines, which in-depth explains the purpose of the “mountains” and “aurora” effect I have going on here.


This is the biggest brand guideline I have ever made and I feel like I can even add more if I wanted. Crazy to think!

50 pages of goodness! The Megamoth!

You can find this guide here.

Thank you for everything, Scott. :) Great class.